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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Hertig Karl

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Futuraskolan International Hertig Karl is a small bilingual school with a global perspective and caters for Grade F-9. We work thematically interrelating the Swedish National Curriculum with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) creating a setting for you as a student to broaden your knowledge through a global perspective, gaining a deeper understanding of the world you live in. We view your academic and personal development as keys to our daily work.

Our staff has a vision: We want to be the best stepping stone for future world-citizens. We want to prepare you not only for Swedish society, but for a global start in life.

Our values ​​are characterized by the fact that we are progressive, have energy and show respect.

Progressive in that we, as a school, are at the forefront of research and development.

Energy in that we take initiative, are creative, committed and see every problem as a challenge.

Respect in that we are clear to each other about what is right and wrong behavior and making sure that our school is permeated with a democratic attitude and respect for our fellow human beings.

At our school there is one class per grade level from Förskoleklass (pre-school class) up to Grade 9. The school is located near Rotebro Centrum, Sollentuna, and is easy to get to by bus or commuter train.
We welcome you to Futuraskolan International Hertig Karl!

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Katarina Vybacke


+46 (0) 723-71 27 99

School Administrator

Therése Behrer


+46 (0) 767-23 21 92

After school activities

Darren Siddall


+46 (0) 731-54 43 45

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Ebba Brahes väg 1, 192 69 Sollentuna

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Opening times

Monday - Friday: General fritids hours are 7:30-17:30. Day before red days (National Holidays) fritids always closes at 16:00

What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 22

Kycklinglåda med paprika & morot i krämig sås. Serveras med ris
Gratäng på grönsaker i säsong och Veg-bites. Serveras med ris.

Torsdag - Vecka 22

Internationella hamburgerdagen Hamburgare med tillbehör!
Haloumiburgare med tillbehör!

Onsdag - Vecka 22

Veckans fångst på asiatiskt vis med soja, chili, lime, vitlök & ingefära Serveras med ris & korianderdipp
Vårrullar med chili, lime, vitlök & korianderdipp. Serveras med ris

Tisdag - Vecka 22

Pasta med skinksås serveras med ört- & vitlöksrostade grönsaker
Pasta med sås på bondbönor & veg-bollar, serveras med ört- & vitlöksrostade grönsaker

Måndag - Vecka 22

"Etiopiens nationaldag" Doro Wat, Kryddig Etiopisk kycklinggryta serveras med ris orientbröd
Vegetarisk Doro Wat, serveras med ris & orient bröd